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EasyCarWash: Higher sales whatever the weather!

Augsburg, May 2018 – How do I increase my sales and boost customer loyalty? Very easily with EasyCarWash. The future-oriented washing concept enables operators to free their car wash businesses from the weather, the season and the day of the week. EasyCarWash offers car wash customers flatrate, allowing operators to increase their profits by 20% or more. This also creates loyal customers and is easy to operate with the help of the EasyCarWash app.

Car wash businesses are dependent on the weather, the season and the day of the week. A car wash facility only brings in money when it is in use. That was until now! With the EasyCarWash concept, regardless of these factors, customers come to get their cars washed because they can wash as often as they like for a fixed, monthly fee. On average, “flatrate” customers spend twice as much money on car washes as regular customers, allowing operators to increase their profits by 20% and more. Weather influences no longer play a role, since flatrate customers deliver constant sales, regardless of weather, time of day or year. In addition, the higher washing frequency also impacts positively on the operator's other services. Flatrate customers wash their cars three to four times more frequently than regular customers, which also means three to four times more customer contacts for other services and products at the station.

EasyCarWash – easy, fast and convenient.

EasyCarWash boosts customer loyalty for operators through increased convenience, thereby ensuring future success. It is the easiest way to wash cars. The customer drives up to the gantry car wash, where a camera scans their licence plate, the customer drives into the car wash and starts the pre-agreed wash programme via the EasyCarWash app. At a Drive-In station, customers can of course remain seated, but if they do decide to get out, they can start the wash quite simply by pressing a start button in front of the wash bay. The high level of convenience sets operators apart from the competition. The admin section of the EasyCarWash app gives operators an overview of all important data such as the utilisation of the facility, the sales for the month or the washes per day.

WashTec provides operators with a great deal of assistance for their marketing activities. The admin section of the EasyCarWash app offers a variety of marketing campaigns, specifically geared to attracting the attention of car wash customers. In addition, the EasyCarWash app allows a custom design to be devised for every car wash station. The EasyCarWash app is available for free iOS and Android. Car wash customers use the app to simply select the station with which they have signed up for the “flatrate” offer. The customer's unlimited wash programme is ready to go as soon as they have entered their name, email address and licence plate number. Customers no longer take up their time unnecessarily choosing the right programme because they have already done this in advance and without pressure when they selected their pre-agreed wash programme. It's all very easy, fast and convenient.

Opportunity to offer attractive car wash deals.

The EasyCarWash app also enables operators to offer individual washes for customers who have not yet decided on the flatrate option. Or for customers who want to choose a different wash for their car during the month in addition to their pre-selected washing programme. Car wash customers can use the app's “WashWallet” function to top up their credit. A great way for operators to promote various attractive car wash offers. For operators of the EasyCarWash concept this means: wherever you find drivers with a smartphone who wash their cars, you find potential flatrate customers. The EasyCarWash business model enables WashTec to offer operators maximum customer benefits.

For more information, please contact:

Sabine Zimmerer (Vice President Head of Global Marketing)
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