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Touch control panel – maximum convenience when operating self-service systems.

Augsburg, May 2018 – With its new touch control panel for self-service systems, WashTec offers unique customer navigation and maximum flexibility in the washing process. Car wash customers not only enjoy optimal washing results, but also an experience of the next dimension. Thanks to a full touch display, familiar to everyone today from their smartphones and tablets, WashTec reaches the next level in the field of intuitive customer navigation and thus the highest level of satisfaction amongst car wash customers and operators of self-service car washes.

Probably the most significant new function of the touch control panel is the "wash navigation feature". This involves car wash customers not just being recommended the best suited programmes on the basis of the size of their vehicle, but also being guided by the colour concept perfectly through the washing process. Depending on the programme step, the display shows car wash customers which lance they must choose, for example the red one for "power foam". This allows operators to acquire completely new target groups, as uncertainty in the choice and duration of the right programme at the self-service car wash system is taken from the customer. In addition, the average price can be increased by the new operator terminal.

But also for self-service professionals, who would like to configure their programme individually, WashTec offers genuine customer benefits in the form of the "customised programme" and the "expert functions", e.g. by allowing the manual adjustment of the high pressure depending on the degree of soiling. This helps to boost the profit for the operator significantly.

Whether as an integrated cabinet solution or in an external operator terminal, car wash operators have a choice of different installation options. In addition, the logo and choice of colours can be easily adapted to the operator's corporate identity. It is also possible to display price boards, washing tips and programme information on the control panel. Popular payment methods such as PIN, coin checkers for coins and tokens as well as a contactless transponder card reader are available for the self-service wash station. With its new HMI terminal, WashTec is consciously taking the next step towards the future.

For more information, please contact:

Sabine Zimmerer (Vice President Head of Global Marketing)
Phone: +49 821 5584-1289
Mobile.: +49 175 430 2778